Formed in November 2016, the Container Based Sanitation Alliance (CBSA) is a coalition of practitioners around the world with extensive experience in developing and providing CBS services.

Our vision
A world where access to dignified, safe and affordable sanitation is no longer out of reach for families and communities in dense urban areas.

Our goal
To support greater quality and availability of CBS services.

Our collective impact
In 2019-20, CBSA members:

  • Served over 160,970 people
  • Removed over 14,475 tons of sludge
  • Provided over 558 jobs
  • Operated in six countries and 13 municipalities

While we operate different models and follow varied approaches, common objectives brought us together as a group:

  • To extend collective impact – By speaking with a common voice and working together we will expand global impact through improved service provision by members and increased responsible adoption of CBS by institutions outside of the alliance.
  • To promote knowledge sharing and learning – we will share best practices, common principles and lessons learned to increase the capacity of CBS to deliver sustainable sanitation services.
  • To enhance legitimacy by creating a set of common CBS guidelines and standards – we will use the learning to develop best practice guidance for all sanitation providers working on CBS.
  • To enable scale – we will encourage the growth of new CBS services through knowledge transfer, advocacy and recommending structures for service providers to gain appropriate investment and to convince governments and multilaterals that CBS is an operationally and financially effective approach.
  • To create partnerships – we will develop commercial and operational partnerships that drive product development and innovation in CBS services.
  • We believe we can be more effective at accomplishing progress collectively compared to each of us operating in isolation.


Clean Team, GhanaLoowatt, MadagascarSanitation First, India
Sanergy, KenyaSOIL, HaitiSanivation, Kenya
x-runner, Peru


Mosan, Guatemala