Are you a CBS operator that wants to join the alliance or about learn best practices? Get in touch

You can apply to join as either an affiliate or a member:

A member is any organization, public or private, actively implementing CBS in areas lacking adequate sanitation services with demonstrated experience and reaching over 100 households.

An affiliate is any institution that is committed to CBSA’s vision and mission. For instance you may:

  • be a nascent CBS institution aspiring to membership (i.e. progress to membership once you have scaled up to servicing 100 toilets);
  • have relevant demonstrated or nascent experience; for example, in product development or service provision or as a service provider that safely contains, disposes of, tracks, and reports on waste;have a focus on sanitation as a sponsor (including donors, investors, and governments);
  • be a research organization that could serve as a knowledge base or provide advice.

DefinitionAny institution committed to the CBSA’s vision and mission. For instance: nascent CBS service providers, product developers, sanitation sponsors, or research organisations.Any organisation, public or private, actively implementing CBS in areas lacking adequate sanitation services with demonstrated experience and reaching over 100 households.
Some of the benefits CBSA brings to youYour staff can:
Get regular news from CBSA.
Connect and collaborate with other CBSA members and affiliates.
Participate in online knowledge exchange sessions.
Access internal resources (e.g. summaries of previous exchanges).
All affiliate benefits, and in addition:
Participate in working groups for specific projects (e.g. in the past: carbon credits).
Access training and coaching opportunities.
Vote in the AGM. Three seats on the board are allocated to member representatives, by rotation.
CBSA requests Adhere to CBSA principles
Respond to the annual impact survey
Nominate a contact person
Same as affiliates, and: Pay an annual fee of £400

If your organisation fulfils the above criteria and would like to apply for membership or affiliation, please contact us.