Are you a CBS operator that wants to join the alliance or about learn best practices? Get in touch

CBSA welcomes member and affiliate applications from interested organisations that are committed to our vision and mission.

Membership benefits

Core members:

  • Peer support and networking with colleagues.
  • Engage in working groups / task forces.
  • Joint learning and sharing.
  • Representation in CBS Alliance documents and events.
  • Opportunity to access group funding through collaborative proposals.
  • Support with working towards accreditation, including WHO’s Sanitation Safety Planning process and Gold Standard.
  • Opportunity to access to shared IT and monitoring platforms.
  • Access to special offers on supplies (should CBSA enter into partnerships with manufacturers, bulk suppliers, etc).


  • Peer support and networking with colleagues.
  • Engagement in working groups / task forces.
  • Joint learning and sharing.
  • Representation in CBS Alliance documents and events.

Apply for membership

The annual membership fee for CBSA members is £400*. Members can be public or private organisations that are actively implementing CBS in areas lacking adequate sanitation services. To become a member, an organization needs to demonstrate:


  • Substantial and growing customer base – servicing at least 100 toilets.
  • Sustained presence in-country
  • Commitment to scale and lasting impact

A focus on areas where sanitation services are lacking

  • Low- and middle-income cities
  • Refugee camps
  • Disadvantaged areas in high-income countries

CBS services

  • Able to capture, contain and transport 100% of human faeces
  • Committed to safe and appropriate treatment and disposal or reuse
  • Modular and flexible

In addition, each member must provide a clear and specific description of how they manage each stage of the sanitation supply chain. This is to ensure transparency about which members provide what services, and how each model works. The information will be used for public-facing platforms such as the CBSA website.

Apply for affiliation

There is currently no charge for becoming a CBSA affiliate. The criteria for becoming an affiliate include:

Demonstrated or nascent experience

  • Product or service providers
  • Other service providers who can safely contain, dispose, track, and report on waste
  • Nascent CBS institutions aspiring to membership (i.e. can progress to membership once they’ve scaled up to service 100 toilets)

A focus on sanitation

  • Sponsors including donors, investors, governments
  • Research organizations who may serve as knowledge bases or provide ad-hoc advice
  • Any institution or individual who CBSA may seek to influence

If your organisation fulfils the above criteria and would like to apply for membership or affiliation, please contact us.

*Please contact us to find out about exemptions.