The Container Based Sanitation Alliance was formed in 2016 as a unifying body to address systemic blockages to mainstreaming CBS. We focus our work around three core areas:

Promote an enabling environment for CBS

CBS is not yet part of the ‘standard’ menu of sanitation options for LMIC governments. We advocate for CBS to be mainstreamed by promoting and raising awareness of CBS benefits to ensure appropriate policies, standards, regulations and contracts are in place.

Increase funding to CBS

The funding gap and lack of public funding to CBS is a key barrier to scale and acceptance. We work to incentivise public investment in CBS, mobilise private funding from new non-WASH sources and chart a path to inclusion in projects with repayable finance.

Support members and new CBS providers

CBS providers remain small and the sector isn’t yet attracting many new entrants. We support CBSA members and new providers to develop and grow by facilitating peer exchange and providing learning resources, technical assistance and training.