Sanitation is a public good, and can only be deployed safely and affordably with strong and enabling government. CBS is no exception.

CBSA members and staff, with the City of Cape Town staff and their contractors on an exchange visit following the 1st IWA NSS conference in 2023.

Our 2024-27 strategy focuses on mainstreaming rather than scaling CBS and we will increase our focus on the systems that will enable CBS: regulations, standards, procurement and incentives.

Our strategic priorities

A cog with arrows going a round it in a circular motion to represent the enabling environment.
Create an enabling environment
A graphic icon of three piles of coins
Increase funding
Graphic showing two hands supporting a person
Support members and new providers

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The problems we are working to solve

We think CBS has the potential to provide safe sanitation in contexts where few other options are available and where the need is the greatest. These are the main obstacles:

  • Limited awareness: CBS is not yet considered as part of the standard menu of sanitation options for LMIC governments.
  • Limited investment: The funding gap and lack of public funding for CBS is a key barrier to scale and acceptance.
  • Perception as niche: Bringing CBS providers to scale will bring legitimacy to CBS.

How we think CBS will be adopted

A simple theory of change with three stages. The stage includes: enabling environment is in place, sustainable funding options are available and scaled up and increased number of qulity CBS services are operating. A large orang arrow points to the next stage which includes: CBS becomes widely accepted and attractive, CBS is regularly contracted by sanitation authorities, CBS providers become essential services in their geographies and Organisations with existing market reach add CBS to their portfolios. Another arrow points to the final outcome which is: CBS is mainstreamed as a standard sanitation option, ensuring increased access to safely managed sanitation amongst some of the most marginalised groups.

Download our 2024-27 strategy for more detail.