The UNICEF / WHO Joint Monitoring Programme has formally recognized CBS as an improved and safely managed approach for sanitation in its 2018 update of its guidance to countries for monitoring progress on water, sanitation and hygiene.

The JMP’s ‘Core questions on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for household surveys’ support monitoring of water, sanitation and hygiene at home, schools and health centres through the collection of comparable data between and within countries.

The document was first developed in 2006 to support monitoring of the Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015). To monitor the new SDG targets for drinking water, sanitation and hygiene at home, additional information can now be collected in household surveys including:

  • Drinking water (water quality, availability of drinking water)
  • Sanitation (emptying of onsite sanitation facilities)
  • Hygiene (availability of a handwashing facility with water and soap)

Recognition of CBS as improved sanitation, which is included in table 3 on p12, is a fantastic feat for the Alliance as it provides legitimacy for the CBS approach at the highest level and fulfils a key goal for the Alliance.