CBSA is very pleased to welcome three new affiliate members into the alliance:

ECOlaTRINE, South Africa:
ECOlatrine is a South African company, led by Henriëtte Vermaak, developing a waterless toilet service and trialling a sawdust dispensing mechanism, producing and selling compost.

Institut de Coopération Internationale (ICI), France:
The Institut de Coopération Internationale (I.C.I.) is a French NGO led by director Hervé Dubois and president François Girin. It services around 100 toilets in Mali and 250 toilets in Benin, all composting toilets (TAC, Toilettes à Compost) with a small container, and composts the collected excreta, with agreements with respective municipalities.

Circular Revolution, United Kingdom:
Circular Revolution is a UK for-profit transitioning to a co-operative model, led by Eve McKinnon, serving 65 urine- diverting toilets in and around London, for customers living on river boats. Excreta is composted for use as soil amendment.

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